Friday, December 2, 2011

This forum will be used to identify the Goals and Objectives (short-term/long-term) of the degree. Advisory Board Members will answer the following questions as they relate to their field:

Competency Identification/Validation
  1. Are the students prepared after four years?
  2. How do we measure their preparedness?
  3. What do future employer’s need or want?
  4. Do students have to leave area for employment?
  5. Should we focus on local economy or international?
  6. Are we providing the best faculty?
Goals and Objectives (short-term/long-term)
  1. Employment - local area or national?
  2. Which emphasis for curriculum?
  3. How do we illuminate our programs?
  4. Why are we losing students to other programs?
  5. What are other programs offering that we are not?
The hope is that the AET Department can use the information gathered by this blog to update not only the option competencies and objectives, but also the Industrial Education degree competencies as a whole. The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education Program Competencies that are in place for both options are:

Upon successful completion, the Industrial Education graduates are expected to:
  1. Apply scientific concepts to the solution of technological problems.
  2. Apply theories, concepts, and principles of related disciplines to develop the communication skills required for engineering technologists.
  3. Perform as a technical professional in business, industry, education and government.
  4. Apply concepts and skills developed in a variety of technical and professional disciplines including computer applications, materials properties, production processes, quality control, industrial design and safety.
  5. Plan, facilitate, and integrate technology and problem solving techniques in the economic enterprise.
  6. Engage in applied technical research in order to add to the knowledge of the discipline and to solve problems which surface in the workplace.
Please use this forum to help us better prepare our students for attaining the information and skills that will allow them to have a successful career/future.